Friday, April 23, 2010

running...and running...

I have recently been forced decided to start running,
and see maybe if i could hang, or even see if i {gasp} enjoy it...

Though I do not have all the time that i would like, to put my running shoes to the road, I have the bestest friend,
{with the bestest selflessbabysittindaughter}...thankyoukayla
that takes the time for me, slows her speed down for me, and shortens her distance for me
AND gives me the push, shove and SCREAM that i need to get moving.
She gives me endless motivation and praise for every second of everything that I do.
and i simply love her for that!

cause its no secret that my toosh loves the couch a whole lot more than running, but thats neither here nor there, and right now, we are focused on running!

Today was run number3, and we did just 4.2 miles.
run number1 was 3 miles, and very tough for me!
run number2 was 3 miles again, feeling better but my lungs were on fire.
run number3 was 4.2 miles, and felt like whoa! better, but exhaustion.
run number4 was 5 miles, and was amazing! I had the first like whoa! moment with my running! 5 miles for the first time every, and in 51 minutes, I was feeling amazing!! like whoa!

and today, we took the miles down a bit. I was feeling out of it when we were getting ready to start... either a tummy ache, or an emotional break down was about to take over me...
but either way, we finished, and it didnt even rain!!
woop woop!!

bigger goals?
A half-marathon idea has been tossed my way, and it sounds exciting...
sounds exciting to think about. but to run? 13 miles.
that is something to ponder.

I know i would have endless support, emotionally, physically... running by my side, and screaming in my face, followed closely by loving, endearing, meaningful words of encouragement and reassurance...

but my toesies have to do the run!
But i will not stop!
We will not stop!

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Ali said...

You are my hero! I just started running (well, more like jogging) and it's hard stuff! I have no way of tracking how far I go, but I know it's definitely not as much as you! GO girl.