Monday, April 26, 2010

Not me Monday!

I love Not Me! Mondays...but every time i get around to typing one up, I do not wait till the end of my Monday evening. Not Me!

It is NOT ME who is beyond exhausted right now, and yet still feels like i need to work so much harder. I DO NOT feel like my life is spinning around me, and I cant make the wheel stop.

I do not have friends that know think that I will just sit around and let nothing get down unless they bring themselves, and their husband with them to get me moving! And I WAS NOT jumping for joy, and bouncing with energy to hear that they wanted to come over to do YARD WORK!...with me also,duh! And I WAS NOT giggly to hear her husband was going to be finishing the trim in my WHOLE HOUSE!

I simply refused the generous offer, saying No, No, you have helped me way too much, i can handle this one alone! NOT ME!is for darn sure!
I am happy to report, the yard is looking fabulous! and my trim is complete! Hey honey, it only took 3 years, and a 12 month deployment for me to find someone else to do it!!
once again, thankyouverymuch Acton family, you ROCK MY SOCKS!!

Speaking of friends, I have talked about running, biking for the Triathlon. Well I DID NOT daunt a big frown this morning when I heard i had to swim my 1/2 mile. I DID NOT huff and puff and complain. NOT ME!
I WAS NOT trying to be as convincing as I could be with talks of shopping, Starbucks, and lunch. I DID NOT say I have no goggles...i lost my swimsuit...I...I...I. Oh fine. I will just go. sigh

And when I showed up for my 15 mile bike ride this afternoon even though it was pouring rain out, I DID NOT say that the hot tub looked better, or my heel is hurting.

and then when covered in mud, soaking wet, and soar, it was NOT ME who was being yelled at to pick up the pace, and stop being a slacker. My pace is supposed to be no less than a steady 15, but should stay at a 17. I WAS NOT falling way behind, causing my biker buddy to have to take breaks and wait for me to catch up. NOT ME! cause i would not help her rest in any sorta way! I DO NOT wish that her relaxing new hot tub would just break down and turn ice cold on her! nope, NOT ME, cause I love her too much!

And on a complete side note, anyone wondering, my green tape all over my house is gone still here. I HAVE NOT just been staring at it, thinking 'will these spots fix themeselves already?!'. NOT ME!

Ladies, its been said before, I dont DO!
and I wont WILL!

next time around, I will be trying a NOT MY CHILD!

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