Wednesday, April 21, 2010

at least it wasnt chocolate pudding!!

So today my little miss decided to go and get herself some dinner!
She saw the pantry door open a crack, and went for it...
standing and looking on the shelves, what kind of trouble can she get herself into?!

...actually, she was already fed dinner, and done with.
and I was cooking dinner for me and the big kids...
{this pantry & this mess may or may not have been right behind my ankles the whole time}
and then like a good mommy, i let her be, and grabbed the camera!

This is where she was sitting, and very content she was...

and this is what she was enjoying...applesauce!
she sunk her teeth into the package top, and pierced it open,
then it was all over after that!

but, she was willing to share with mommy...
no thank you sweety!

and she was so excited to enjoy this yummy treat!

It was slurpped up to the last drop!
...minus the mess on the face, the floor, her hair, and her clothes!!

Oh I love this little lady!

1 comment:

Color Me Beautiful said...

darn cutest thing I have ever seen!! She's getting good! haha