Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My babies {...and their babies}

This is my Riley baby...
and this is her snuggle bug baby.
Her security blanky.
and she loves it oh so much!!

She giggles when she sees it,
and stuffs as much as she can in her mouth.
and then, she is content!

Her Baby was lost once.
and then was recovered...
at the lost and found at big brothers school!
Crazy right?!

Sometimes I wonder....
where did she get this 'baby blanky' attachment idea from?!


brooke said...

oh my goodness!!! that is too funny! i actually love stuff like this!! i love when my girls get attached to something...usually it's a stuffed animal for a couple of months at time...they have so many favorites i make them rotate...but i love how kaylee and rilye's are blankets...

and seriously riley is THEE cutest thing in the world...makes me want a third oh so bad!

MrsMike said...

Omg I love the curls!!! Maks is a blankie boy too. He has one in the car thats smaller for when we were out and one that is in his crib. And then that silly tiger he is obsessed with!