Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today...well, actually Monday.
marks the start to a 6 week challenge.

This challenge is amongst a couple {6 so far} ladies from my gym.
It is a 6 week weight loss {total body % loss) challenge!

It might sound a little silly, but I am excited.
I am in need of some extra boosting, an added incentive to keep me focused.
Eye on the prize.
Oh, what is the prize that we are working our butts off for?

Well just like poker, actually!
Buy in is $20, and winner gets the pot!
A new pair of jeans maybe?! Yes please!!

Out with the cookies, and in with the double dose veggies!
did i mention i was excited? Yup! Excitement....
I have big plans!

*side note.
Painting is so not fun.
and its extra not fun when its just fresh touch up coats.
Like doors. Ugh, they are a lot more time consuming then one would think.

**double sider
Thank gawd for fabulous friends and hot tubs!
Love it!

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