Friday, April 30, 2010

Little miss...

little miss, little miss, little miss cant be wrong!
YES, if she crys big crocodile tears, I am going to pick her up!
and love her and squeeze her, and hold her tight.

My baby girl is 1 year old today!
Happy Birthday Riley Marie!
My curly hair, sassy face, drama queen beauty!
I love you!
Oh mommy loves you so much!

April 30th 2009 we welcomed you into this world,
and you have showered us with your sweet innocent smiles and giggles.
endless nights, still seem endless!
rolling, to crawling, and now standing on furniture.
Climbing up chairs, and stairs, pushing your little bike.
Messy messes, and scrunchy nose faces!
Sticky fingers, and new adventures,
our family is complete with you!

Ragging party is soon to come, and pictures will be shared!
ok, maybe not ragging but, sugarrush-esk!

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