Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday

and the scale says...
-2.4 today!
Stats= week 8, total loss 16.8lbs
This is very very exciting news for me right now, cause looking back at the 2 last weeks i was getting into a funk. I went up .6, then stayed the same...and now, down again!

I do have lots of things going on in my inane life right now, and i know that all the stress weighs me down. I have the right tools, i know what the right foods are, my gym schedule is off the hook insanity!
Sometimes i feel the stench never leaves me! ICK!

So like i have been saying over and over...time to buckle down for reals this time.
Change happens right now.
But on a side note. {{side note, not excuse}} i am feeling a cold coming on. My head is a bit cloudy, and spinny, and there is a tinge of pressure above my nose. again, this could be the stress...I need a spa day!
Call me Alexis, but its not mommy time...i need ME time! I need a spa day!
Yah, lets just sit back and wait for that to happen!

So if you cant tell by the randomness of this WW posting, i am not focused!
I need a nap! or some more 'bucks!


Ali said...

A major congrats in order for you lady!!!

Michelle said...

16.8 lbs. that is SO AWESOME! Keep up the good work~ :)

Mrs. Mike said...

I wish I was as motivated as you... I keep looking at my squish and wishing it away, but that doesn't do much lol