Tuesday, March 9, 2010

facebook status=prayers answered!!

My Facebook status posting this afternoon-
i need a house fixing magic wand...anyone out there with one, please let me know when i can borrow it!! Mucho Gracias in advance!!

Lemme explain!
Today I had my first meeting with a realtor to get things rolling on having my house listed and hopefully sold soon. We will be leaving for Georgia in September, and the last thing I want is for my husband to have to go ahead without us because the house has yet to sell. We have been apart quite enough lately thank you very much!

So the meeting went well. My house was inspected from the top of the driveway to the last toilet seat. UGH. For this reason alone, my stomach has been in knots. I had nowhere to hide the mess, and could not leave any door off limits, but somehow i pulled through.
**MUCH THANKS goes to awesome friends who offer to take kiddos off my hands for some down and dirty last minute cleaning and scrubbing this morning!! without this, my chaotic life would have still been right there on the kitchen table! HA!

The realtor and I went through the house from room to room, back patio and yard.
and here the list began...
cleaning, scrubbing, extra elbow grease needed in a couple spots...
painting, bedroom walls, ceilings, outside of house...
pull weeds, fill holes, trim trees, plant grass...
clean garage, organize closets, get rid of unneeded clutter...
remodel master bathroom {and not even for me to enjoy}-new shower/tub, new floor, new counter tops, new lights, face lift for cabinets...
{{and this is the short version, seriously}}
and now i am taking deep breaths.
and now i need something stronger than my morning starbucks please.
oh, and can someone send my husband home, we have work to get done!

So early this evening i was shocked when given the most sweetest gift by the rockin Barker family!!
Speechless really!

I am in LOVE! Do you see this madness?! My very own magic wand!

and I am not gonna waste another minute, I am putting this pretty little lady right into action!

Whadaya think of my new gadget? Target does not have one of these in stock, I have searched many times! I think Miss Windy could strike it big with this one! I love it, and know that this is going to be my lucky house selling charm that I need!
Thank you thank you thank you Abby, Jarrett and Windy! I ♥ you!!

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