Monday, March 22, 2010

it's a ghost town...

...on my blog, not in my life, not by a long shot!
My tail has been so busy and crazy/frantic, I would not know where to catch you all up.
Here is the basis pretty much...

House Progress...
I am still not convinced on the sell or rent question,
But either way i still have a long list of things that must be taken care of
and we all know I am alone on this one, as my better half is nowhere close to being able to help. boo on the army for putting this on me.
I had a contractor{ish} guy come over to give me a estimate on the list of work needed to be done, and the $$$$ that he presented was shocking! Not gonna happen!
So I have started to convince myself on the things that i think i can accomplish alone, and i have used as many resources in my life that I can think of.

I have painted. living room & duaghters room, these are the only ones i need to paint. I had a huge major break down when i started to take things down from the walls.
My family pictures, memories, and paintings are all in boxes now, and this I am not ok with. This made me really see that we are living our home, and we are moving on.
It was a tough day. I can do this right? i can...can't I??

So painting is taken care of, now to tackle the next thing, not decided on what that is just yet. I was in a big hurry to take care of things, and get the house on the market, and then quickly realized I could not do this alone, and needed to slow down.
And maybe we will just rent it out? I dont know...
and suggestions on the real estate factor?

I have started my full schedule of training.
Triathlon is on July 17th.
1/2 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run.
My mornings/evenings on Monday, Friday and Saturday are strickly towards swim/bike/run.
along with my regular tuesday, wednesday and thursday gym workouts.
Um yes, my body is feeling it, and kinda not happy!
But I am loving it! No really!
I have accomplished running 3 miles straight outside, byebye treadmills, you suck!
and I feel that soon, I WILL be ready to add miles on that!
in time little grasshopper!
I am also doing a MUD RUN 8k on July 4th. so my running miles need to be upped for that
But we have not yet figured out how to "train" for jumping over logs, climbing rope walls, running through waist high mud puddles, and crawling through mud ditches...
again, any suggestions?!

and can I get a team name vote please?!
We are competing in a girls 3 person team.
top name contenders:
Dirty Blonds.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Sherri said...

I love your races...I am a runner...but lately I have been tempted to maybe test out the tri's! I will be anxious to hear how your doing!