Friday, March 26, 2010

Lesson learned.

You know how you get in habits of doing things that you tend to think,
Oh, i should not do this, or i should change this...
Yah, like leaving your purse sitting on your passenger side seat.
Oh, you mean, that's only me???
I hear yah, oh no, bad bad bad.

See here's the thing, I very rarely carry my purse around with me, unless i have no kids.
Which is a rarity, but when its just me, i have my cute purse on my shoulder.
majority, I have my id and my debit,{two trusty pals} in my jeans{or sweater} pocket.
Easy Access!
But my purse is always in the car with me, duh! just in case!

And, at home, I ALWAYS 350ish days outtatheyear, I park in the garage.
So my purse, and all other junk just get left right where they are.
really, i don't need my purse in the house, and i have 3 children to unload
and a dinner to cook, or groceries to unload, or naps to be had..
anyways, I am busy lazy.

So long story short, my Tahoe was parked overnight in the driveway,
and i woke the next morning to load my kids into a car filled with shattered glass.
Someone shattered my passenger side window, and snatched my Dooney&Bourke and my camera.
They didn't bother with anything else, they didn't even open the door,which would have tripped the alarm...{think its time for an alarm upgrade}

I feel stupid for leaving my purse sitting there for prowling eyes to see.
I regret not cleaning up my mess in the garage to put my car where it belongs.
I feel violated that my car was robbed in my own driveway, next to my front door, on my safe 5 house culdesac street.
I feel vulnerable that my husband was not here to keep us safe.
I feel ANGRY that i think this break in had something to do with the {not so trustworthy lookin} new high schoolers that have been hanging out at the neighbors house lately.

and all i am left with...
is a bill to replace my window.
a lack of purse.
and a loss of my fabulous canon power shot.

life lesson 762. Remove valuable items from parked car. no matter what.

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Mrs. Mike said...

oh no I am so sorry. that must have just ruined your day (and week, and month). I'm sure the rest of your day just seemed to keep going down hill. I hope you got to talk to to your hubby or will tomorrow... I know just talking to the Mr always just seems to make things seem less life ending.