Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome Weekend

Our weekend getaway= FABULOUS!!
Our Hotel De Casa featured this amazing oversized jacuzzi tub!
This, besides the ubber comfy kin bed, was the biggest hit!

And 10 minutes after arriving in our room, these chickas were ready to rock the pool!

And so were these amped up fellas!

After pool time {round 1}, some hide and seek in the room!
Hey ah boys, we can see you!!

And some SPA treatments for the girls!
more bubbles please!

And dont forget mommy time!
Yes, thanks to my saving grace, Aunty Lisa and Korey came and hung out with the kids so the mommys could sneak away for a quick second whole night out!

Out till the wee hours!
Those Rich Little Piggies {slot machine game} were holding us hostage, not allowing us to call it a night till we won all 75000 pennies! Ha! High rollin!

Thank you Mommies for the fun {just because} night getaway!! We love you!!

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Mc Allen said...

aww, what a sweet post! Looks like you had a blasty, and that you've got your hands full!!! xoxo LA