Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm already there....

I have said before that Skype is an amazing thing.
Let me count the ways that this thing called a webcam completes our family right now...

The phone can to quickly become a boring thing...
and really, just talking to a voice for 12 months is tough.
We did go through the first 6 months of this deployment with no skyping, due to a lame mommy computer with no webcam.
But oh the envy i had for all those other families who did...
and then christmas came, and that was enough of that!
New computer thanks to my lovey!
{Sugar pie honey bunch}

The kids get thrills from the skype ringing,
fighting over the screen, and talking over each other,
then getting one and one time with him to
see to him.make silly faces at him.see his puppy.make fun of his headset.
they love it so much!
and i am not gonna lie, every call the kids get...
*cause he has to call at kid friendly times, and this is tougher than late hour mommy times, their calls are much fewer
i get tears running down my cheeks in my eyes
I am overly emotional at times ladies. Serious!
They are so filled with daddys love when they say bye. Blow kisses. and Air Hugs!!
and i love it!

{Goof ball}

Nowadays, the only way to end my night with a huge smile, and a warm fuzzy feeling is to get that skype call at 9pm, and see him!
Yup. Sometimes we are in disagreements, and sometimes he is getting the eye rollings from this flash, unwanted seperation is not the simplest thing in life.
But seeing his eyes, and that smile, its the best thing we have
and we love every minute of every skype call we get!
I love you Baby.
Not 6,882 miles or 365 day apart will keep us from LOVIN you!!

{I ♥ you, Joshua}


Ali said...

This is the sweetest.

Thank goodness for Skype!! I can't imagine how hard the separation for you and your children must be, but I am so happy for you all that you can get some face time!

Mrs. Mike said...

I love those little still frames. I took a handful of them and made them into one big picture as my desktop background. Maks sits and points to each one grunting at him.
He doesn't like talking to him on Skype though... Maks just gets frustrated with having to sit there. I doubt he knows who Michael is so to him its just interfering with his playing.

College Student Out said...

aww! so so sweet! gotta love technology. and at least now you can think about that darn expensive lap top you got him and know it was worth it! i tried commenting on your other post but it wouldnt let me =/

Shelze said...

This is so sweet. I am glad that you have skype in your life to keep you close to you loved one. I will keep you guys in my prayers and hope for a safe return and lots more face time!

Mrs. Mike said...

No... I gave him the link to it once but he isn't into keeping up with online worlds. Facebook, Myspace... any of those, he will stick with for a week and then looses interest! I'm not so good with it anymore either, I dont have a facebook or myspace anymore either. I just stopped logging in so I just closed um.