Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Like i promised myself, i did head in this morning to meet with the scale.
And I was up, just like i had suspected...
But to my delighted surprise, it was just +0.6

now, i dont mean to be doing a happy dance over this plus6ounces...
but after my party, the margaritas, chips with jalapeno artichoke dip,
the chocolate covered cookie dough balls {so not MY idea!}
and some carrots thrown in the mix...
I was really expected, and feeling a whole 3lbs stacked on me.
So when i saw this number, yah i kinda did do a happy dance!

So...moral of the story?!
If you work hard all week, you can have one play day!!
But, just dont expect a weight loss after popping wads of cookie dough in your mouth and washing it down with tequila! Cause I mean really, who does that?!
Not I says the fox!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
Heres to a lighter, healthier week. I need a big big drop this week!!

Just say no...

and make smarter choices!!


College Student Out said...

Oh my goodnes...props to me for making those delicious little buggas {so i've hear} that i never actually got to try!javascript:void(0)

Shawn said...

Cookie that's my kind of party!

I love the pictures of your babies on the side. I have a know in my throat and must once again say thanks for sharing your very brave husband with the rest of us!

Mrs. Mike said...

I figured since we have gotten several feet of snow here... and this is the record amount of snow in the country!!!!... the background was fitting haha

(Tia's) Comfy Place said...

Sometimes we just have those time when we need to throw our points to the wind! I had one of those days yesterday. :o)
I hope this week is better for you and you see a drop on the scale!My weigh in day is Tuesday.