Sunday, February 28, 2010

dont let the weekend be over just yet...

Just settling down from a nice weekend.
Not a whole lot went on in these parts,
but a slow and steady couple of days is just what we needed right now.

I may have had cleaning on the planner.
and there may have been some needed organizing.
maybe even some 'make sure you mail these out'...
but, eh, the planner doesn't mind when i don't obey! really, it told me so!

Saturday my Tahoe was fixed up and returned me me
{tires were making weird noises...apparently, the front left tire was just hangin by a thread when i got it into the shop. nice man at Les Schwab would not let me leave in it}
fully understanding...i was having separation anxiety for 2 days.
now all 4 tires are safe for the road again.

Sunday we took our german shorthair to the doggy park.
This allowed her to run her heart out full speed ahead {not one dog there can ever catch her!}...and the kids chased her around, and all the other dogs!
enjoying sunshine + running mad = 2 out of energy kids, and 1 sleepy pup!
They were then treated to some blizzards from DQ!
57 degrees in Washington, and its a gorgeous day!

But don't worry folks, this usually means that tomorrow will be bringing the rain in. followed by rain the next day, and the day after that! ha! its just the norm.

Failure for the weekend would be finding a new gently used road bike on craigslist. Lemme just say...if you are going to list on craiglist, at least email people back. If it is sold, then delete the posting...then return emails letting ME know that it is not longer available. I mean, if i am emailing 4 listings about wanting to see and buy this item tomorrow...and i get not one response back from anyone...does this mean my emails stink, or i am just finding rude sellers. This erks me. And then when i see this posting still there....and still there...and 4 days later still there...not i am extra peeved. seriously. serious.
So...I was ready to purchase. but no one was ready to sell apparently.
I am looking for a new road bike to start training for my upcoming Triathlon. Hoping that extra time training this time around will bring better timing!! July 17 is the race in case ya wanted to know! When i do find my bike, because I WILL..i will share with you all!


Mrs. Mike said...

did you go to the dog park at Fort Steilacoom?! I LOVE that dog park. I lived walking distance from it in the little town of Steilacoom when we were there. I loved that town, I want to go back there when they get back.

College Student Out said...

looks like a fun weekend! let me know if you want me to search the portland craigslist for a bike! or if you want to search one and have luck i'll pick it up for ya!