Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ramblin' Jacks

...is a restaurant in Downtown Olympia that i have never been too!
Ha! and this is a post about my randomness and nothing of importance at all!

*today is Tuesday, so my title should be reading Weight Watchers Tuesday, Ah, i didn't make it down to those parts today...I kinda skimped out on my meeting and weigh in. I do not feel great, or even good about the choices that i made this last week, and i am just dreading the scale. But skipping out, and ignoring the consequences of my own choices is exactly the opposite of what this whole program is about. So I just put it off for today, and I will be going in tomorrow....and yah...I will post it. For all to gab about!
But hey, who knows, maybe its a minus???

*I have been rearranging, and rearranging my dang furniture in the living room, and i am still still still not happy with it. I keep quiting...and then two days later, and at it again, thinking that maybe the shape of the room, or the size of my furniture has changed, and it will all work better this time around. and guess what? it never does. I am a person who likes change. And if i cant buy new couches, cause the hubby says no {{boo on you}} and I cant paint, then i rearrange, and its new! TaDa!! but its not. and i am frustrated, and angry!

*I have just started reading "the lovely bones"...its a slow start so far since the computer and reality tv some how has an emense hold on my brain...but i have not yet decided if i am liking this book yet, or if it needs more time...Its a little bit out there so far, and the fact that it is a 14 year old telling the story is so creepy to me. just a little odd. But i am committed and will see how it goes.

*Skype is awesome. It definitely does a whole lot for families that are separated for long periods of time. we do have the luxury of skyping with my husband every couple of days when he has some free time, and we all love every minute of it. The kids love making faces with him, showing him new things...telling on mommy if i bought something new...and just enjoy talking to his face. But honestly, seeing his face, his smile, it doesn't make things one bit easier at all. I miss him. Air hug Daddy! ily.

*I want a Cricut. I am convinced that I NEED A CRICUT. i mainly want to make my own signs with vinyl lettering...and shabby chic country-up my house, and my friends houses! will be taking custom orders soon! yah, or not! But any who, i want one. No promises that once it is in my possession that it will be used...I would hope that i would get one, fall in love, madly, and go craft crazy. first step, buy one!
anyone own one? love it? a waste?

* Speaking of items i want/need. I am in search of a road bike right now to start training for my upcoming Triathlon. I do have one in my garage, but would really like a new slightly used, nicely priced bike that is going to do me good. I need a dependable road buddy! a loving bike to fly me through my miles on the road!!

*right at this moment, i am hoping that the ice cream in the freezer has found a way to magically disappear, and is not there by the time i decide to get up and hunt it down...wishful thinking?

*When my husband returns home, we will be treating ourselves on a trip to Vegas together! the excuse is we are going for a wedding for some awesome friends!! hubby is actually in the wedding party. but sadly, and excitingly, this will be our very first first first vacation alone{{no kids allowed}} for more than one night, since we have been married. 8years. Yah, long time coming right? So 5 days in sin city, here we come! Next to hubby coming home, this is very closely second on my "highly anticipating" list!! Ahhh, is it July yet? how about now?
ok, going to bed, wake me up in July!!

Well even though i could actually go on forever right now with random rants about a bunch of useless knowledge for you all...i will stop now, and leave you be!


Miller Racing Family said...

Isn't it amazing how the ice cream disappears. Though it usually reappears on my rear. lol
The Las Vegas trip sounds wonderful. I have always wanted to go there just to see the sights.
Have a great day!

College Student Out said...

Ha...even though that was super long i still managed to read it all! And what is a cricut?

Mrs. Mike said...

i want a cricut sooooooo bad