Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Watchers Tuesday!!

So just doing a little happy dance here...
this week i lost another 2 pounds!!

Uh yeah! 2 more pounds off my booty!
bringing my running total to 14.4 pounds!

I don't have anything clever to say this week at all about my weight loss...
Besides WOOP WOOP! i def. feel amazing right now, and just makes me want to get back at the gym and run some more, and keep out of the junk foods, and keep on with my yummy spinach!
I want to stay focused, and stay on track...
I want to be saying my pants don't fit me, and go shopping for new ones
I want to be wearing a cute summer dress when i pick my husband up this summer
and i want to love how i feel in my body!!
I want i want i WANT!!

and I know its up to me, and only me to make this happen!
I can I CAN I WILL!!!


Mrs. Mike said...

I just need to get rid of the SKIN and SQUISH! I am 120 lbs, and very happy with that weight and size... just not happy with the shape. I have a routine that I do every day, but I dont see or feel any improvement. I have three different routines and I rotate them every few days, and I walk 2 miles every other day. But nothing.
I am just about to quit. Before baby I used to easily do 120 sit ups, now I am dieing after 10! 10 freakin sit ups kill me??!! How pathetic and hopeless is that?
My butt and legs look great, I am very happy with them... its just the innertube around my waist.
My dr said its stress related, that my body is just clinging to because of my stress and anxiety (I have anxiety disorders). *sigh*
I wish I could be as motivated as you. I wish I had a little bit of a result to keep motivating myself!

oh and odd coincidence... the word verification thing below I have to enter is "hotself" right now hahaaha

(The) Ladybug Lounge formerly Msslaydbug said...

Way to go !! I'm just heading off to my meeting now ! Hopefully it will be a good one. I can use some good news after out tough emotional week ! Can't wait to hear how this week goes for you. Keep reaching for those goals !

Ali said...


Way to go girl, proud of you.