Tuesday, February 16, 2010

thank me no more.

So i may be good at writing rants and ramblins about nothing and everything...
but good at putting my thoughts into meaningful words, eh nahsomuch.
so my apologies in advance, this is not my runofthemill posting...

Right now that i am beyond belief and overwhelmed with emotions on this one.
First, i don't want to be involved, and removed myself from the situation.
But for some reason, my name is getting the blame?
yeah try again.

Serious on this one.
there is no way to tell the FULL story...HA...what is the full story really???
anyways there is no real way to fillyain on this one. Nor do i care to rehash it all.

i just gotta say...
If you are causing your life to spiral...
you feel emptiness in your life, and search for means to fill that void
a double life that you have spun, begins to consume you,
you act on actions of impulse,
and the actions you make, are your actions, and always will be.

do not choose to find some other name to through in the mix...
don't pull a 5yearold "but but but, she said...but, i didn't..."
no see the thing is, you DID
you make the choices in your life, no one else can live your life for you.

so when the time comes to explain yourself,
you made your bed, let it be know, you did this.
you and you alone.
done and done.


College Student Out said...

I couldnt have said it better! and im so so sorry your still going through all that b.s. must be a good high school flash back for you! Tell the beezy to back the eff off!

brooke said...

whoa lady!!! sounds like you are going through something awful!! ugh...i hate crap like this! i am sorry hun!! hate to see you have to write such a post!

Babychops96 said...

:( love you friend...big hugs for ya! hope hings get better for ya soon!

The Gosfam said...

I hope everything settles soon. Sorry you are going through some unnecessary drama.