Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

...and I am NOT posting this at the end of my day like a bad blogger so everyone is thinking, uh hello...coulda done this a little sooner..
well, its a Not Me Monday, and i am so NOT a person that falls behind schedule.
Never, I swear.

This week I did fall victim of the 24 hour flu bug.
and I DID hate every single moment of it...
but just to tell ya, i did NOT jump with excitement inside when weight in came the morning after a very not so pretty sick night.
And i did NOT feel saddened a little when the sickness was over...
and thought, dang i coulda used a couple more days of this till next weight in.

But, i started to heal, and started to feel better.
So when my bestest was still sickly and not pulling her weight at the gym able to make it to the gym,
I did NOT take this as a darn good reason for me to stay in bed also...
I did NOT decide to stay in until we were BOTH alive and kickin again.
because I do NOT need anyone to make sure i am actually running!

My son is over the top in love with Top Ramen, and i am sick of making it for him.
So when he yet again requested it for dinner, I did NOT flip out, and refuse to make this simple bowl that he oh so loves, and was begging for.
And after stating my case, I did NOT make him 3 grilled cheese's instead.
cause that is NOT a nutritious meal, and that would just not make sense at all!
and it totally did NOT come with an apple on the side.

I did receive flowers from my hubby all the way in Afghanistan yesterday on LOVE day!!
I DID DID DID love them like crazy, and so did my daughter!
when they were delivered, I did NOT answer the door in my bathrobe cause i was NOT still in it at 12pm...
and I must say that i completely love my husband and everything he is doing right now, and I know life is rough, here and over there for him.
So when i did not receive my necklace that i totally specified for him to get me, link and all, I did NOT get a little bit pissed.
and when he told me that the necklace that i was in love with...had sold out, and he couldn't get it like he wanted...
I did NOT selfishly freak inside, and think, yeah but i told you a MONTH ago. and I sent you the link a MONTH ago. but WHATEVER.
I am a loving, caring, supportive, selfless wife, and I understand, and I am NOT in any way taking this personal, like he just didn't pay attention when he should have.
I did NOT think, i shoulda just bought it for myself when i wanted to.

And on my Not Me Monday, I did Not yell back at an elderly lady in the parking lot when she first honked her horn at me, then yelled at me to shut my door so she could leave.
I did NOT want to use some choice words with her as I nicely, and calming moved my door, turned to her and informed her that I was indeed buckling my infant into her car seat, and if I could be given one more moment to make sure she is nice, snug and safe. And I did NOT get in my car and glare at her as she reversed, and drove off.
But seriously on this last note, i mean really, i was not taking forever, i am actually very fast. It was not raining out, but it is colder than cold. My main goal is to load the car quickly and get kids buckled in so Mom too can be in the warm car ready to head home. This nice, patient snub lady was not liking the kid factor, and did not care that i could not just say, hey Riley, my 9 month old...please just sit still while i shut the door and let this car leave her spot. At this moment, i was glad to think i just got my BUCKS and i was about to sip and enjoy!

Happy Not Me Monday ladies and 'gents.
sometimes, keep in mind, mommys need more time to load the dang car ok! OK!


Mrs. Mike said...

I once had someone say to me in the parking lot (total stranger) "Dont you just f***ing hate the lazy a** people who leave the carts in parking spaces! They should be shot on the spot".
I just turned to the lady and said "Well, maybe this was the situation... a young mother with a new baby just went running out in this rain to get some much needed groceries. Then when she got to the car she first loaded her baby into that car to get him out of the rain, and then proceeded to load the groceries into the trunk. Then when she turned to return the cart, she realized that the only cart return space was on the other side of the parking lot and there was NO way she was leaving her child currently buckled in the car sleeping to return that cart. So she left it." (this story was me obviously haha, my firt time grocery shopping on my own in January in WA... lovely)

Some people need to give mothers the benefit of the doubt. We dont do things to annoy the rest of the world, we do them because it is what is best for our children.

College Student Out said... always takes me twice to read these! i never get the "not " thing the first time! haha how do i find ppl my age on this thing?!