Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshinny Sunday...

And what am i doing on this sun shinny day?
yah sitting on my couch on this dang computer.

See, I had a great idea to enjoy the day at the Zoo.
trying to be a good mom and all!
I even invited along one of my sons friends as well...double score right?!

So, i call the kids in and tell them "thank you for cleaning your rooms about we all go to the zoo today!"
Their response is what landed them in their bedrooms to take a afternoon nap.

They didn't want to go.
"The Zoo is so just get to walk, and look at animals", says Aiden.
"I don't even want to smell the stinky stuff at the zoo, and walk a lot" says Kaylee.

I proceeded to get pants, shirts, socks and shoes out for each of them...
lay them on the coffee table and say, "start getting dressed, I am all ready to enjoy the bright kinda warm sun today!"

This is where everything went wrong.
Lots of whining began. Lots more complaining.
and i gave up. lost my cheery attitude, and sent them off to enjoy the sun from their beds while they took naps.

Why do my kids need to do this to me? because i was just thinking of how i can please them today on this gorgeous Sunday. How can i treat them, and us all together for a fun time as a family...they didn't agree with me, and they stole my smiles.
I am cranky now. sitting on my couch.
Thank you my children.


Ali said...

Gah, I'm sorry! Isn't is usually the other way around? Maybe the stars just didn't align correctly today.

College Student Out said...

Give those kids some credit...they were so so good on friday. I heard nothing but praises of how good they were from koreys family on saturday. and last night we played pretty hard! they had an exhausting weekend! But you are a awesome mom for trying to keep the fun packed weekend going!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness- I am not the only one my kids do this to!! I can't tell you how many great ideas I have had to go and do something fun only to have the kids wrinkle up their nose in complaint!!!