Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Head over, say hello to MckMama and join in the Not Me Madness!

So this past week while I myself am eating a big healthy fresh delicious salad, i did NOT serve up my kids, and our play dates a big heaping platter of greasy fried goodness. And it certainly was NOT followed up with starburst, M&Ms and sour patch kids. Because as a good mom, my kids would be eating their veggies, and having fruits for desert!

On this same night, I did not ignore the kid madness that engulfed my house by 7 kids, and enjoy one too many glasses of delish wine in my bedroom with 2 gal pals! And these ladies were most certainly NOT the moms of the other kiddos, also choosing to enjoy the peace and quiet in my bedroom with their own glasses of wine!

And just to clarify, I did NOT allow them to run wild till 12:30am, till they finally fell asleep watching 101 Dalmatians! No not me, because this Mama follows a good bedtime routine, and even with friends over, we still settle down at a very decent hour!

And on this Monday morning, after a very long and tiring weekend, I did NOT wake to find not a darn thing to make for my sons lunch, so had to scrounge for $3.00 in quarters for him to buy hot lunch today. I am was NOT a crazy Mama kissing him goodbye on the doorstep in my bath robe as he was off to the school bus. NOT this Mama right here, I am NOT a crazy nutcase embarrassing Mommy!

Happy NOT ME MONDAY everyone!

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