Sunday, January 31, 2010

If you seek AMY...

she will be celebrating her birfday!!
Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to you!

She is an amazingly fabulous lady.
And although dancing will not come till Friday,
today is her day! She deserves the world!

But if you are privy to know Miss Amy,
you would already know that birthday does not mean to dance around with your pants off...
it doesn't mean eat all the cake you can before you explode,
and it doesn't even mean {cha-ching} Shopping spree!!
nope, nope...
It means 4 mile run in the am, and for a little spicy spiciness,
Lets add some Zumba in the evening!
Oh i am so excited to be sharing her birthday with her!
Sweaty, stinky gym style!

Friday will soon be here, and the celebrating will continue!
Getting Fabbed up, mani-pedi, hairs did, and red heels on!
dance floor, beware!

So to my special lady, Happy Birthday to you!
I love you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the wonderful words! You are a great friend and celebrating with you today and on Friday is going to be awesome....I am ready to dance the night away!

Michelle said...

Kristen Marie, Have to say that I love your new blog layout!!! And have an amazing time this weekend celebrating your friends birthday! :)