Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Top Pink Explosion

My daughter Kaylee is such the huge infomercial queen...
If there is something that is being sold,
Cool, inventive, useful, lame...
she loves them all, and does a good job trying to sell you on them!

So this Monday, Auntie Lisa brought over the amazing BIG TOP.
Yah, ya know...to make a fabulous Gigantic Cupcake?!
Well to Kaylee, this is an amazing thing, seeing that she begs for one every time we stroll past it in walmart, fred meyers, safeway, target...but i mean, it is sold on TV only!!

We invited her lovely lady Abby to come over and join the fun!
And oh, the fun began...not only did it begin, it exploded!
Into a fabulous pink.purple.stars.polkadots.butterfly.chocolatechip.sugary MADNESS!!

And, it just so happened that it was/is/isn't Abbys brother {Jarrett} birthday.
He was born on Leap Year!
So the girls were delighted with the idea, they made a very special cake for Jarrett!
We topped with some trick birthday candles, and sung our hearts out to him!
Happy Birthday Jarrett!
Thank you Auntie Lisa for the fun times!
Girls, the CAKE BOSS is calling your names!

{{Click Click, for the large view of these fab shots!}}


Krissy said...

Definitely the ultimate pink cupcake cake!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, how fun is that. I love that they got to help decorate it. Looks like every girls dream.
Have a fabulous day!