Tuesday, January 26, 2010

miss Kaylee thinks...

That Daddy should just come home already!
My daughter has lots to say about her dad being away right now, and the long stretch that we still have to conquer is holding heavy on her. But i have to say, she does have some good 5 year old points. She doesnt mind sharing her 2 cents in any situation!

She says why does he have to wait till summer time to come home,
There are army guys on Fort Lewis working still now, and Daddy can do what they are doing.
He can still keep us safe when he is home at our house.
He doesnt have to be all the way in Afghanistan to keep us safe.
If Dad is getting a new job when he comes home and we are moving to Georgia, how about you just tell him to tell his boss to move him to Georgia now, and he can start working there already...
Kaylee is ready to pack up and move out of her house all the way across the country to Georgia if it means that Daddy can just come home now. Sad times. But for now, she is understanding, and Skyping will hold her over for the time being.

{{Air Hugs Daddy}}


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh my gosh, that breaks my heart. :( I love those pictures of them together. Praying that this time goes by quickly, and that you'll all be together again soon.

Lisa said...

lol i love her little rants about how she is proud of her daddy cause he protects america. so sad yet so cute!