Tuesday, January 26, 2010

weight watchers tuesday!

weight in day again!
Another week down, week 3 to be exact!
Status report?
-3.2 lbs this week!
this will be noted as a good productive week!!
My house may not be clean, and my to do list is still growing,
but i have acheived my goals i listed...

no eating after 7, this one is very hard for me because on some nights we are very busy and are out till 630ish, that makes it tough to feed the kiddos and myself, and rush to reach a bedtime for the kids by 715.
Yah this week, bedtime came a lotta later than that, because i put the focus on a good healthy meal first!

no packaged/procesed foods.
i was not completely strick with this, as i did attack a bag of cheetos that were screaming for me to put them in my tummy...and some goldfish here and there.
But there were no granola bars, no packaged oatmeals, no frozen dinners... no all of those easy peasy grabs that i tend to always have instead of cutting up fresh veggies, fresh fruits, and fresh chickens! takes more time, and def. more money, but looks like it paid off. so i will try to stick to this, and keep those packaged deals to a minimum.

and hitting the gym 8 times this week.
Well, i made it 7 times. Close right?! i took off friday morning just to purely be lazy, and babysitt for a friend to get her hair did! that is needed! but 7 times is better than 4! or none! this week, 7 times again! harder faster stronger.

weight watchers, summer is approaching soon. oh 5 1/2 months you say? well yah! in a weight lose jorney, that happens to be super soon!
anyways, weight watchers...lets kick this fat outta here! one week at a time!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Congrats!! That is so awesome!
While we eat pretty healthy at home, I've recently started cutting out as many packaged, processed foods as I can. And adding as many healthy, nutrient rich foods as I can. It is SO much better for you. Gotta cut out all the junk. Even if it's 'healthier' junk. :)

Congrats! How much have you lost altogether now?

Lisa said...

oooh the smart ones frozen dinners..highly suggest chicken teriyaki with vegetables. so yummy and only 4 points!