Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tag...what makes you feel sexy...

Right now, in this moment,
i have a free moment in the evening.
big children asleep, little babers in her swing asleep...
quiet house for a moment, and i should be taking a shower...
But i dare sit on the computer to catch up with the world,
and to answer emails...

and Brooke, the one and only, offa luffa le
has thought of me on her tagtastic thursday, and hit me with this one...

What makes you feel sexy?!
List five details that make you feel sexy
post a photo if you so dare
then tag five lovely bloggers

and so now...
this is how, i would like to say, how wonderfully amazingly SEXY tired and done with my day i am right now...
So what MAKES me feel the opposite of what i am right now...
Lets ponder...

1. a killer pair of heels
Now these may be purchased, and look amazing,
but they may just stay in the closet for a long while..
but in that that moment!

2. Self-confidence
IE: a big sweaty stinky mess, crossing the finish line at my first Triathlon, Sexy! Because I was, and I did!

3. Dancing to my fav tunes!
And lately, i must say, this only happens A) in the car...typical i know! or B) when i am cleaning the house, I will always have the music turned up, it helps things go faster!...sweeping Dancing...mopping Dancing...making my bed Dancing, and even bouncing a baby on my hip Dancing!

4. A fresh coat of Blond on my head!
Ha! I know right?! Why didn't i think of that?!
Walk me outta the salon, BAM!
Blond, big curls, and ready to take on the night!
...or just go home, and relieve the babysitter!

5. The ultimate, at just about any given moment, my husbands eyes on me!
Cheesers i know it! i speak the truth!
Nothing can ever top how he makes me feel like i am all that matters in his world!
and...That's the way it should be Babe!!

Tag...spill to us what makes you feel sexy...
Shawn @ Seriously


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Great answers! I have to say that walking out of the salon with awesome highlights and an adorable cut (plus someone else did my hair!) totally makes me feel sexy!

brooke said...

YEY!!! i love it!! and uh.i fixed the tag! flippen blogger is a whore..haha! i had do those inks like four time cause they kept running together!! grrr!!

miss you lady and wish we still lived just down the way from you!!

Mrs. Mike said...

woaaah I was behind on this one! and i am totally with you on the sexy heals. the hair thing though... not so much. i have very difficult hair and not one hairdresser has figured out how to style it nicely yet. i have just started cutting it myself! i walk out of a hair dresser feeling like a french poodle. not so sexy hahaha