Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me!!

The last couple of Mondays, i have laughed, and enjoyed the Not Me postings Over at My Charming Kids
So let me give it my first go at this Not confessing confessions deal...
This past week i did not find myself bored, i was not lonely, and i certainly with 3 children did NOT find myself with nothing to do! I was not in a rut where everything that needed to be done just stared back at me. And in no way, was i begging my 3 month old to please just take one more cat nap, so i can continue to Not sit here aimlessly. nope, NOT ME!!

Ladies, it was not one of those weeks!

Me, the great mom that I am, was not hiding in my quiet room playing on my daughters DS. And when i got caught, i handed it right over did NOT continue to play her littlest pet shop game! With good reason, i was trying to unlock more games for her to play! This is not me! I don't even like video games!

I was not hobbling like an old lady after just the first 2 days of my workouts with Jillian. Although, no pain no gain, and i am ready to push myself slowly get back in the game...
and right along with starting my new workouts, i did not run out on 3 separate nights and buy a $5 hot and ready pizza from little Caesars. I did not enjoy the fact that they seem to make the best darn cheese pizza in town! I would not know how that is so, i have never had one!

Not I says the fox.
and i ask,What have you not been up to lately?


Ashley said...

Congrats on your first Not Me! Monday! You did great!

I love the one about you hiding playing your daughter's video game - that is priceless!

Shaun said...

Now I'm craving a hot cheese pizza! Great Not Me! Monday!!!'

Miller Racing Family said...

I love your not me Monday. I am totally glad that you did not do any of those things. If you had wanted your little one to sleep longer I would have totally agreed with you. We love our sleep in the Miller household.
I am totally going to have to do the Not me Monday one week.
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Way to go on your workouts so soon after having the baby! You are way more put together than me, even if it was one of those weeks!