Friday, August 21, 2009

Pay it Forward giveaway

2 weeks ago, I was the "randomly selected" winner for Pay it Forward at Tickled Pink and Fabulous
If you don't already know Michelle, then head on over, and GET on with getting to know her!

Now, if you would like to also participate in "Pay it Forward" Here are the rules:

Be the first person to comment on this post, or the random picked commenter, there will be 2 winners. You'll need to be willing to give me your mailing address, and I will send a small gift your way. After you receive your package in the mail, write a post about it, and link back to my blog. You also agree to Pay It Forward and send gifts to the two people who comment on your blog.

And since my winning package came in the mail today, it was like Michelle timed it just right to deliver me a "cheer you up" gift! It was just what i needed to help with my bum day today! Bad photography i know, i was lazy! But my fav is the adorable fabric flower for my hair! This will be clipped to my locks tomorrow! then i will post a better picture!
Oh, and there is a wooden paddle brush that Michelle lives by, Reeses peanut butter cup weight watchers style...perfect hot pink for my little toesEEES, and some scrumptious Tangerine body wash! Love it! Thank you senorita Michelle!!


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo..first person to comment on your pay it forward. What a great concept and cute idea to do! So excited to be involved

{Life As Lisa}

Michelle said...

So glad you got your package :) Hope you liked everything! :) I just got back from vacation, but will be posting blogs again soon! :) Hope it brightened your day! xoxo