Sunday, August 16, 2009


I really don't want to be a Debbie Downer...
but...BLAH...i have an empty feeling.

We had a good start to our day.
Got up, got movin, got ready...and headed out!
We stop for some requested Tylenol PM pills...
and an armband for husbands Zune...
then found a little unknown postage store
that's right, a no hassle place for me to mail all packages.
(Since my husbands APO zip code is not yet in the systems to print at home postage just yet, i still have to take it into a post office)
Although this place does not honor that APO discount that is offered in other places...
the lady calls it a surcharge. I call it not supporting our troops.
But...did i mention i am toting 3 kids, and this place has no lines? not a single shopper actually.
So this is my winning spot and I let her know she will be seeing more of us.
Package Mailed!

Then on to my sons MMA class. its Saturday. Obstacle Coarse day.
So self proclaimed fighter "swordman" went into lightning speed action.
Breaking his time every go'round he did!
Go Aiden!
Then for a quick stop for ice cream with friends...
then to home...

where we sat. watched a movie or 5. cleaned. sat. did dishes.
then mom lost her mind sitting some more!
Ah. I love the peace, and the down days when we are not going full speed ahead.
But i hate it. i just cant stand it.
I am thinking. when is josh coming home. How many days has he been gone.
What should i send him next. what is he doing right now. is he going to call.
Twiddling my thumbs.
is he gonna call now?
how about now? did you hear a phone ring?
Ok, seriously, this is lame!
We gotta get out of here!

And i ask, what is going on in your life on this Saturday night?!
And this is how we feel about seperation...BLAH!

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Mrs. Mike said...

i was a total wreck today. my family being here to take my home finally confirmed that he is GONE. the waterworks finally came in this house!