Saturday, August 15, 2009

Before I tuck myself in...

I know right? I have to tuck myself in...
Like no bed time stories for me?
No blankets tucked all around for me to be snug as a bug?
No good night...sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite?!
Oh alright, yes the best part is to give these!
Cause then it means its mommy time!

That's peace and quiet! my life music dream!

So, before i head to bed, like i should have an hour ago...
I must thank the Cross family for opening their doors to my loud family tonight!
Thank you for the late invite CANweCOMEoverPLEASE!!
For letting us make a mess, and leave a mess, when we head out the door at 10pm.
Thank you for listening to Miss Riley scream her head of...its not you...its just her, i swear! no place, no person or no time changes this!

We will be back for more!
Are our doors are open for you to do the same in return...
come uninvited, make a mess, stay late, and leave a mess that is!!
This is true!

Oh, and the kids say thanks for the fudgecicles!

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Annie said...

the pic of your girls is just adorable!!