Wednesday, July 1, 2009

True Washingtonion...probably not!!

Like true fashion to myself...
My ABSENT-MINDED self that is...
In part of my instructions for flip flop blogger exchange,
I forgot to include in the package a couple things:
my name! my link! and something about my great state of Washington!
Yeah ok, so i was in a rush, going to the store, and running into the post office.
So i thought i would complete my task right here! And everyone can enjoy!

So let us take a trip up the Seattle for the day, and enjoy a day with the family! This is how a touristy day well spent would be...
something like this....
♥Start with some walking and shopping, and watching the fish being tossed at the famous Pike Place Market

♥After that is done, and we are not yet too cold, we shall head over to check out the space needle! Gorgeous, but too scary for me! Take an elevator ride up to the top, and enjoy the sights, and your tummy turning..oh that last one is just me!

♥Now, for an absolute must eat in Seattle, The Crab Pot A messy delicious time for the whole family!! Sitting outside next to the water, its dinner with a view! Don't forget to put that bib on! its not there for nothing!! The kids will love using the hammers to help with the crackin! Finger Lickin Good!!

This would be a great fun filled day for all! So if you come during the 2 gorgeous months of the year, July and august, then the day will be fabulous! if you come during the other 10 months, please, remember a rain coat...or a snow coat if need be! Ah, the great rainy state, i love it!


Miller Racing Family said...

Girl you are to funny. I just died laughing when I read the comment directing me to your site. I totally agree with you about forgetting stuff in the flip flop exchange. I think you reminded me I didn't add a link to my package. I guess it is to many details for busy moms.
Thank you though for the tour around Seattle. I always wanted to know how much it rained there so thanks for the answers.
I can't wait to get the package and thank you in advance.
Have a great Thursday!

Michelle said...

You are so funny! I LOVE Seattle, I lived their for four years and now I'm in Oregon, good thing I love the rain!

You'll get your package soon I'm sure, I think I got mine early b/c the blogger who sent me mine went on vacation so I think she might have sent them early. I can't wait to see whay you got. :)

I sent flip flops to Becca and I can't wait for her to get them! :) Have a fabulous fourth of July

RCaitlin said...

The Crab Pot sounds delicious! I've never been to Seattle but if I ever go it sounds exactly like my kind of place!