Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bedtime Stories!

Before putting the kids to bed tonight,
we sat together on the couch,
and watched Daddy read us some bedtime books!
DVD style!

The USO is amazing, and does amazing things for our military families!
they have a program, United Through Reading...
Soldiers can come and take 30 minutes in a room,
and videotape themselves talking, and reading books to their children
Then they send the DVD home, along with one book that was read on the video!
At the airfield, the USO had a booth set up just for this.

Today, our surprise package came in the mail!
When the tv turned on, Aiden and Kaylee lit up!
giggles and laughs!
and I am expecting this to be the new request flick of the year!
and that's fine by me!
the USO will also have the same set up in Afghanistan.
So when he gets time, hopefully we will get a couple more!

Thank you USO! You Rock!


brooke said...

this is awesome!! i never knew abou this!! what a great idea!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a totally neat idea. I bet these DVD's mean the world to your family now. I am so impressed with the USO.

Mrs. Mike said...

I asked Michael to do this... he said no. The humiliation out weighs the benefit in his mind apparently. I was pretty upset with him to be quite honest!