Friday, July 24, 2009

there has been a delay...

in Dieting again!
yes, i know! weird how once you say you are ready,
something always comes up!
This something today would be a package in the mail!

Yes a gift arrived from Keri at Doing Life
this included my much anticipated Slippahs!!
ok ok! My Flip Flops from the bloggy flip flop exchange!!
They are the cushy squishy bouncey-EST things ever to be on my feet!
I love em!
A jar of Pecan Fudge topping was also included!
First thing i am thinking...
i must run out and get me some French Vanilla Ice Cream.
Like serious business!!

Thank you thank you Miss Keri!
I will enjoy my fudge over my ice cream tonight
curled up, reading My Sisters Keeper!
and as for right now, i shall clean my house
strutting my new polka dotty flips!


Michelle said...

YAY! You finally got your flip flops! :) They look SO CUTE!!!! and OMG, you are reading My Sisters Keeper! Be prepared to cry! Loved that book! :)

Ali said...

I never got to thank you for filling me in on last week's FMM - thank you so much! Shame on me for missing it (or shame on my reader...?). Hope you're having a great weekend! :)


Keri said...

I am so sorry.....again.....for the delay in getting your flip flops!! So happy to like them...they were just too cute! Enjoy your Pecan Fudge ice cream topping!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Those flip flops are CUTE!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Super cute flip flops!!! So glad you joined in the exchange!!