Friday, June 5, 2009

Wowzer! Heat Wave!!

Yes, that does say HEAT WAVE, and yes, I still am in Washington state! Ugh! While the weather has been absolutely amazing here, it is also amazingly hot! Hot for us Washingtonians! We just had about 4 plus days of 85degrees and above weather! So we have enjoyed the lake, and Tolmie State park, water fetching with our pup, and swimming, the sprinklers, and lots of awesome yard work! Go us!! But Mr. Weather Man did say it would come to an end, and oh it is! With the weather being 91 at 5pm, we entered Aidens MMA class, and then at 7pm, we were caught in a big wind storm with dark black clouds up above at the Baseball field! Yikes!! Riley and I made a run for the car to take cover, and the kids huddled under a blanket with Auntie Lisa! So the rest of the week calls for weather between 65 and 72. And we will start praying for the heat to come back!! Here are some shots from Tolmie State Park.
The tide was extremely out.

That is a flying Dog who is loving fetching her ball right now!

The water is only about Shin deep forever and ever out there!!

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