Thursday, June 4, 2009


So I have been thinking that I want to try my best to take a new spin at my Blog. This has more so been a place where i can share photos and some cute moments with family and friends. But I think i want to try to twist it up, and make it more so like the random blogs that i love reading...
IE, one cute miss Brooke Masters. I smile just thinking of what could be coming next on her blog! Thank you for that!
journal style...and complete randomness.
I have never before been a "creative" writer by any means.
But i think i could do a good job typing down the random thoughts, and joys of my crazy days into this box to share with you all! So bare with me. And leave me some feedback! The good kind! Cause I'll need it! And if anything, I get no readers, but i enjoy expressing myself in a new form! So that is that!

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brooke said...

YEY!!!! I can't wait for more posts from you!! thanks for allowing me talk to the man tonight so i could get the info for my sister! and i am so appreciative of what he told me because that is EXACTLY the kind of b.s. they were trying to pull on josh saved the day!! woop woop! thanks again and can't wait to see more of you round here!