Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kindergarten Family Beach BBQ

Aiden's class was having an end of the year beach BBQ for all their class, family and friends. It was at a private beach shore close to the school.
Aidens guests for the day included, Mom, Dad, Kaylee, Riley and Aunty Lisa. Dad was a volunteer chaperon, so he was busy with Aiden and his 3 other friends off exploring the sea shore, and its awesome crabs! There was even an old beached wrecked ship
Pirates!! Arrrghhh!!
Since Aiden was too darn busy for the camera,
Kaylee and Aunty Lisa had a photo shoot!!

Oh wait, i think i see an Aiden coming at me!!
Yup, that's my Tough Guy!!

And there they go!! Nice to see ya today!!

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Lisa Higuchi said...

Thats a way cute pic of josh and the boys. but im totally stealing the pics of me and kaylee!