Sunday, June 7, 2009

Belle of the Ball

That she is going to be tonight!
Aunty Lisas Senior Ball is tonight. She is there right now,
dancing her little senior heart away!
She has her hair did, her make up did,
then Tammy and I strapped her tightly into her dress!
Thousands of pictures came to follow,
Then Lisa and Korey were off to dinner at the Melting Pot!
Jealous, I too am!!
I hope they have an amazing night,
Lisa looked amazingly awesome!
Like she always does!!
Love you!!
And Yes, Nobody was looking or facing my camera!! shesh!!


brooke said...

she is gorgeous and i am so glad to see that they're back to big beautiful dresses instead of the slinky above the knee craziness...that is not a prom dress/school dance dress!! my soapbox and again she looks just perfect!

Lisa Higuchi said...

aw your pics look way better than the ones on koreys camera! And im glad i got more than just one pic with my Doh Doh!