Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing the class of 2021!!

First off, yes i took a little break from blogging!
With a very crazy week...
Aidens school functions, Deployment Ceremony,
and preparing for a large larger pre-deployment party for josh...
then the BIG party day...
then fathers day/a day to recover, and clean from said BIG party!!
so i am going a couple catch-ups posts here...

First off, Aidens Kindergarten graduation!
I know, a little silly to say this is what brought me to tears on Thursday..
but what can I say?
My little stud is moving on to the 1st grade!! AHHH
He is my little big guy! I just want to hold him and squeeze his cheeks,
and not let him grow one more inch!!

But graduated Kindergarten, whats your plans now? get pumped up, and focused, and take on my first MMA /submission tournament
with team United Training Center
Go Aiden!
You are Mommy's tough guy!!

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