Monday, June 22, 2009

Deployment Ceremony

We attended the Deployment Ceremony on Fort Lewis
To support our men of the 2-1 infantry, 5th Stryker Brigade
Catch the full story here on our local KOMO4

It does not mean much to our kids now
But being there, and seeing the numbers of soldiers standing in front of us
that within the next 4 weeks will all be giving their final hugs and kisses
and loading planes to head to Afghanistan...
is really overwhelming to see.
Not only is our main man, Mr. Daddy, and his men heading out,
Many many many (close to 4000) other families are all saying goodbyes as well.
So the kids were able to see all the surrounding families,
knowing that their daddy's will be leaving on a long long trip will soon also.
Well, here's our pics for the day...

Here are all the local news crews...ready to roll
And we finally found them!

Lets get outta here Daddy!!

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