Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends baring Starbucks!

I have this friend
who popped in yesterday with a coffee, for me!
Grande non-fat Carmel white mocha...
((in case you wanted to stop by with one yourself!!))
well, basically, she is amazing!
wonderful! genius!
I was in need of some chit-chatty catch up time
and I more than got that!
A little bit mending my heart,
soothing my emotions,
catching up on gossip,
a couple nudges to get back to the gym...
((it'll make you feel better right?!))
and anyone coming over to bounce a crying baby
and change a diaper
...will stay in my heart forever!

Oh and lunch and play time with friends for the older ones
is just as important too!
With the weather being so perfect, feed them lunch,
and kick em to the backyard!
Its mommy time!

I am catching up on my sleep time now, having lazy mornings always helps.
But today will be the last of the lazy mornings.
We have a full schedule ahead of us...
which includes my sons
aah, yikes, really? OK, i can do this without crying...
or maybe not...not worth trying!
then a deployment ceremony at Fort Lewis
followed by a big party honor of my husband and his guys before their 12 month deployment to Afghanistan...
yummy food, and a good time for them.
So once this week and weekend are over with,
and the tears have come and gone for all of the above reasons...
one mostly being the one that includes the number 12...
i will be ready for another coffee!
And about the gym...i hear it calling me...
i just cant seem to find those shoes!!

December 2007


brooke said...

lady that dress is friggen cute!

and yes anyone who shows up with the bucks is a'okay in my book!!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Who doesnt love a friend who gots frap/coffee waitin' for you?

I wanna be her friend too, hehheh

Michelle said...

How sweet is your friend?! Those are the best! :) Have a fabulous day!

amy said...

I loved reading Wednesdays journal! It makes me tear up a bit. I will always bring you coffee!!! You look amazing in this picture! Me not so much!!! The shoes are in the closet!