Monday, June 15, 2009

Reading the latest posting on The way I see it...
I find myself very excited to join in on the Friend Makin' Monday hoopla
at All that is Good by the lovely Kasey!
it is a weekly Monday event that is meant to bring new people together
...awesome deal!!
i'm thinkin, sign me up!!
So this weeks topic, Confessions.
Spill your guts she says!!
1. Right now, i hate hate hate the fact i let myself eat me so HUGE when i was pregnant. Yet, now 6 weeks post partum, i am dreading the gym!! yikes!
2. I am a fairly new blogger, and am becoming close to obsessed in future posts topics. I just about type them out in mu head as i am sitting in a restaurant, cleaning, shopping, feeding my baby....its takin over me!
3. Nearly everytime i enter a bathroom, either at home, or someone elses home, i check behind the shower curtain to see if a killer is in there waiting for his killing chance on me. Yes, i am serious...a fear i wish i could get over!
4. I can finish a whole tube of cookie dough myself. and have too many times before.
5. I enjoy listening to a patriotic cd made for me by a A-list friend, Irene,
even though about every single time I cry to the words of the songs.
6. I sometimes get angry with my husband cause he cant read my thoughts and figure out what i want just with me looking at him!! sorry babe!
7.I am in love with the color PINK because my best friend in 10th grade absolutly hated it!!
8. I breastfeed in my sleep. Talent right?! its a mom thing!! and yes, more times than not, my infant is sleepin in bed with me! so sorry...


Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I loved reading your confessions, I am afraid of killers behind the shower curtain too, and I LOVE PINK! :) Welcome to FMM and to the blogging world. :)

Krissy said...

I love number three! I think we all have some irrational fear-I know I do!

brooke said...

these are awesome!!! YOU my dear are awesome...and seriously #two doesn't get better...soon not only are you typing them out in your head but you'll find yourself going to do activities just so maybe it'll give you a good story to tell!! this is way more addicting than any social networking site i've been on...

Irene said...

LOL...I totally have the same fear too funny!!Xavier thinks I'm nuts because I always check first thing when entering a bathroom =P...FYI I so cant listen to my patriotic cd at the moment I immediately wanna cry...why idk?!?!

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