Monday, June 22, 2009

So here is that big party for my husband...
it was a lot of work to pull together...
and then it came and went
and left a big mess!!
No really. it was a great night!
Here is a quick re-cap via pictures....

There was food...oh there was food..lots..
Kahlua pig, fried noodles, Shoyu chicken, teriyaki beef...
and good ol' hot dogs!!

There was LADDER BALL!
what would a party be without ladder ball!
Thanks Rab.
There were THESE guys!
Men of the hour...
There was princess Kaylee
and princess Lily!
Then there was a bonfire!
a very large one!
This is our fire maker!
Thanks Rob for that tree on the fire pit!!then...there was a mess to be cleaned up the next morning! All in all, a great night!
a success!!

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Krissy said...

Ladder Ball? I've never heard of that!