Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who needs Merry Maids?!

Yes, not this household! I have my own personal Merry Maid in training!
She will even sing and do a little twirl for you while cleaning up!
Its like cleaning, and getting a show at the same time!

We have been cleaning our little buns off here in the Yost house.
We have some special visitors on their way to visit us. Grammie and Poppie, ((Joshua's grandparents)) are in route to our home from Arkansas.
Aiden and Kaylee have been waiting, and waiting for them for about the last 3 months! We last saw them on Thanksgiving 2006 at their home in Arkansas. We are all set, and they will be arriving tomorrow!!
Cant wait to see you guys!
This is Miss Kaylee Thanksgiving 2006 in Arkansas!!

And this is Kaylee now!! I hope they are ready for this!

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brooke said...

she is seriously so stinkin adorable!!!

as for the three columns i think this is the site i used

yey for blogging!!