Monday, April 16, 2012

turtle blogger here.

wow, blogger fail!
Go me!!
Lets play Monday catch up shall we?

Spring fun continues in the south.
ragging allergies...allergies turning into bronchitis.
snot running noses. dry skin rashes.
nats. flies. wasps. pollen. gross pollen turning my black car green.
Like i said, spring fun continues!

With that, we also have soccer going for K,
and baseball going for Aiden,
he is having a blast with his team being undefeated!

I have two little boys,
who are now 8 months old,
and determined to give me a true taste of the twin hood!!
These boys are into everything. going everywhere.
faster. stronger. and tricky!
Kolson will not leave the stairs alone, and can make it up to the second stair!
Kyler is convinced that he needs to be in the kitchen at all times.
or, stealing toys from his twin and pulling his hair...
Kyler can pull himself up to a standing position on just about anything now,
and Kolson is not far behind!

Riley has still yet to master this potty training journey...
it's taking all of my sanity to keep going with this every day struggle.
is it her regressing, and wanting attention?
am i just sucking that bad at training her?
does she just not care...
yay. well, i don't care. i will be bald by the time we conquer this.

But at the same time, we are in the works of planning her rock star 3rd birthday party. per her request. as she is very demanding, and the girl knows what she wants!

And on this mamma...
i am in works on about 2437 craft projects that i am determined to
onedayfinish. i swear!

a picture blog seems to be needed in the near future!
ill get right on that.
ill squeeze it in somewhere between the poop, snot, medicine, laundry, dishes, and dinner!
But...for now, im off to get my GTL on.
you know it! Ha!

and my most recent attempt on a picture of all 5 kids...
this is more challenging every time i try!
dont mind the 9 year old boy that wants nothing to do with his crazy family!

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