Thursday, March 8, 2012

Warrior Dash

Yup, I am officially registered, and stoked!!
The race is a 5k mud/adventure race happening in May.
I am not alone in my crazy mind to do this race when my fitness level is far bellow a 5k right at this moment...
Nope, not alone! I am doing this race with a big group of awesome military wives!!
Will we be amazing? will we be gross,dirty, and laughing?
Currently are we all scared, and thinking we are crazy for this silly idea?
Also, UH YES!!

Its going to be a blast, and i cant wait!
So with 11 weeks till race day, I better get my booty in shape...
{and uh, quickly!}

Have you done a crazy adventure type race before,and did you just LOVE it?!

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