Thursday, May 12, 2011

Holy Break Batman...

Typical of me, you should all know!
But sometimes life's pace just picks you up and takes you away from blogging!

hmm, what to say, what to tell?

* My baby girl turned 2 years old! Yikes, 2!! She is a handful, a glorious irresistible sassified handful!! She is a sassy demanding comedian...{best described!!} She was talking about her birthday for about 2 weeks prior to it happening, and is still talking about her birthday party now!!
{she is also very difficult to photograph...}

* Belly {twins} update!!
Current status- I am 25 weeks and 3 days along today...
I am officially a whale, and am in a different world than pregnancy with a singleton. Braxton Hicks all the time that actually stop me and take my breath away!
The boys are training to be strong MMA fighters...and have stronger punches, kicks, and rolls every day!
last check 2 weeks ago, they were both weighting 1 pound...and about 12 inches long! Just perfect says the perinatal specialist, right on track!
So...13 more weeks...but i feel like 10 weeks is more accurate!

*Baby ready house you ask?!
Well, yes actually, our house is getting more and more {babyTWINboys} UNready every single day! Have no fear...this is just how we roll apparently!
The mommy freaks out... and the daddy says, dont worry, it'll all work out...we will get it done...
We do have a nice collection of clothes/diapers/furniture...and other baby gear...
Its just all in the basement and in guest bedroom
But alas, he says, DONT'll get done...

*and other randoms...K and A only have 11 days of school left, then its Summa Summa timmmmmme!!
For our first summer in the south, the temps hit over 90 for 3 days straight this week....Uh yes, that is MAY 9, 10 and 11th...for serious...I do love the sun, but i am a Washington 76 to 78 would be just perfection...
The parks are too hot to play at, and the pools are not open for season yet! bwah.

Well, that's all i got right now. Notawholelot...i know!
Maybe some nursery room {progress} photos will surface soon...lets all hope!

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your kiddos are adorable! And, I love your daughter's cake.

At least you are cute little whale. Just teasing. I actually like my body best when I'm pregnant. Maybe that's odd.