Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the mid-week randoms...

I don't have one specific thing that i want to ramble about...
so what better than to do some mini rambles...
yes, i think so.
bullet style you say?

*The weather has been heating up here in Georgia...but not slowly.
Monday, we hit 84 degrees here, {Tuesday, the highest was 57!}
we headed to the park Monday afternoon, and i could barely take it.
no shade, just hot sun. and sweatyness. and lots of wasps. YUCK.
all i am saying is, this is going to be a tough tough summer for this mama!

*The baby boys have been growing and getting stronger,
and yesterday i could say that I officially really can feel them moving around!
I was even able to see a couple kicks move my stomach!
This is so exciting to feel them move daily,
and i am sure soon it will feel like a circus in there!
and i cant wait!!

*Grilling time is happy time!
My husbands schedule can be a little crazy right now,
lots of night with him not home, lots of meals alone,
BUT, when he is home, and the sun is shinning, the grill is being started,
and we are having some great meals...
mmm mmm steak!!

*Slowly, we are starting to accumulate a little pile of goods for the boys!
We have received boxes of gifts from a close friend, and are always excited to see what fun items are in the box. Also reminds me once again how little things are...
how little babies are...
We are getting a stroller, and car seats this week!!
and already have two cribs waiting to go into a nursery!

Although we need tons and tons and double the stuff we have ever needed before,
the items are slowly being collected right now! lots to go...

*My baby girl, Riley is going to be 2 years old at the end of this month...
i keep needing to be reminded that we already celebrated her turning one,
because really, i cannot believe its been 2 entire years since the day she has come into our world!! A fun fun trip to the zoo is planned, because she is our little monkey, and all about the animals right now!
Oh, and also all about the attitude, and mine mine mine...yup!

Its another sun filled spring break day here,
and we are heading out the door to have lunch with some friends for some playtime!!
What are you up this this Wednesday?!

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