Friday, April 1, 2011

Early spring break

Yes, this bad mommy here took my kids out of school
a week early before their actual spring break
to take a spontaneous trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

How spontaneous you ask?
well a great friend of mine called me Sunday at 3pm.
She was driving to Myrtle Beach to a beach house her and 3 other friends
had rented for the week.
One lady in the group had a family emergency and was unable to go,
leaving one big room in the house open and available,
{thats where we came in}...

Seeing that my kids were in school this entire week...
i took a long 10 minutes to think about it...
and YES, i really wanted to go!
I had not seen this friend in 2 years, and who can pass up a trip to the beach?!

So we shopped, packed, and hit the road at 5am the next morning!

The weather was totally crappy,
with rain, wind and clouds, and only one day of sunshine...
BUT, 10 kids in the house and 4 adults, we all still had tons of fun!
and DUH the kids swam in the sunshinny 62 degree weather!
and also spent lots of time in the hot tub at the house!

It was a great relaxing trip,
and this pregnant momma was able to pull thru the 6 hour drive with 3 kids in the car!

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