Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Settling in...

Yes, I am still around...
but i will skip the apologies this time {{thats getting old!}}

Wednesday, Wednesday!!
Its been a great day so far...
Quick Recap
-Kids up, and off to school {insert grumpy tired complaining}
-Mommy and Ry eat breakfast and head to the gym!
-Got my sweat on in a booty blaster class...
-Grocery shopping...
-home, lunch, naptime!

So simple, but such a great morning!
Its been hard for me the last couple months in our new location.
Lack of activities to be doing,
missing my friends at home,
missing my family,

But yesterday i joined the local gym, and today was my first workout!
It feels great to get my body moving once again{oh how i needed it!}
and I was out of the house! and socialized!
This is WHOA big!!
cause mostly, i have been a caged animal,
and feeling like a mental breakdown was not far behind.

Moving is hard work, a lot harder than i had put thought into.
it takes effort, it takes motivation, it takes being open to new things...
all of the above i am putting more of myself into to change my BAHUMBUG butt around!

This week, my attitude is changing, and I am going to make the best out of this move.
I will not let it defeat me!!

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mrsashcake said...

aw girl hang in there!