Monday, November 15, 2010

home is where the army sends us...

Dare I post a post, and know that I may not return in the morning?
Dare I walk away, when i know, i know, i love love to blog,
but have no self discipline to keep on at it every day, or even every other?!

Ok, I dare!
So what if every once in a blue moon i get the itch to chat away,
so i hop on and type tickity type away attcha?

I am in Georgia, YA'LL!!!
2 weeks ago, we finally took the plunge, and the kids and I moved out here.
We still have no renters in our home we own in Washington...
but with my husband being in Georgia, and us being displaced,
and not happy to be separated from our daddy who just returned from a years deployment...
We did indeed to decide to hold our breaths, and move anyways.

Whats to come of our lives?
Every day is a new journey, and we can not sit around and wait any longer.

So Dahlonega, Ga is the place...
go on, google it...go on...gooooooooogle it!!

Its a pretty cute place, its in the mountains, on the Appalachian trail.
its uh...hilly?!
its far...
oh, um, its a cute place.
nice schools...
gorgeous mountain views...
Ok, not so important!! I know i know!

So this is our first military move ever!
It sucks, the unpacking and mess, and all the wonderful broken furniture by movers...
trying to make a house feel like a home again with no paint
i hate white walls.
but slowly, I am coming around to it,
and soon we will go on some new adventures...
and maybe i will blog a blog or two!!

See ya'll around!!!
oh i am so not cut out for the south!

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