Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New gym, new struggles?!

So my newly purchased membership at THE gym
is going...well, its going!

I say THE gym, because it is THE gym of this town that I now call home.
Its a small town as I have mentioned before,
there is NO donut shop {not that i need one, but really?!}
There is ONE grocery store eww, gross and Walmart yippee.
Espresso only to be found at McDonalds...
and well, one option that is a sad small gym.

Yes I know, a gym is a gym, and I will make it work for ME.
But its a shoebox. it smells bad. the owner is a bit skeevy.
Their machines are from the 80s
The daycare room is smaller than a storage room.
and i feel like an awful mom.

There are moms running on treadmills with their baby in a car seat next to them.
while a guy grunts lifting heavy weights right beside them.

This morning there was an insane amount of kids in this childcare,
and Riley was just not having it.
So my workout was cut short, and we called it a morning.

I am grateful that i have a gym to go to every morning,
cause working out on my own...well, it ain't gonna happen!
But from where i came from feels unfair.
Maybe if they cleaned more, i would feel better?
Or scent the room with bleach?!

It will get better right?!
I have goals, and i am working towards them!!
Focusing on my reasons for being there, and work on me!
and This too shall pass....

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